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Your 2015 PYC board

• Commodore: Rich Wells
• Vice Commodore: Chris Ross
• Rear Commodore: Sean Kalic
• Past Commodore: Ed Hockenberg
• Secretary: Penny Morgan
• Treasurer: Terri Tilford
• Dock Master: Lee Cline
• Sail Education: Ricardo Oben
• Buildings and Grounds: Tom Flynn
• Communications Director: Bruce Liese
• Harbor Master: Jeff Miller
• Assistant Treasurer: Marianne and Tom Noll
• Social Directors: Donna Massey
• Yearbook Editor: Bill Buckheit


John L. Gall (1936-2013)

John L. Gall (1936-2013)



Commodore's CornerRich Wells, PYC Commodore

By Rich Wells, s/v Serendipity II

Spring at PYC is always a great time of year. Over the last month activities at the club have been increasing and members are preparing or have launched their boats in anticipation of enjoying the wonderful sailing that PYC has to offer. The clubhouse and grounds have come into bloom and the PYC party season has officially begun with a successful Cinco de Mayo kick-off party on May 2nd. We are one week away from our annual Memorial Day party and the racing resumes on May 23rd with the Round Perry race.

In addition to these upcoming activities we are also having a thank you celebration party to honor Mij and Nancy Frierson and Greg and Gina Paste on Saturday May 23rd at 6:00 pm. As most are aware, Mij and Nancy are moving to Florida and Greg and Gina are departing as PYC caretakers. The Board would like to recognize their support and dedication to PYC over the years. We will have a pot luck dinner Saturday evening and the club will provide beer and dessert. We anticipate a good member turn-out at the club this upcoming weekend and wanted to ensure we gave a proper send off to them before leaving.

As we approach summer we are excited about the upcoming youth sailing camps that are being conducted once again by Kansas City Sailing. Camps are scheduled on June 12 - 14, July 10 - 12, and July 31 – August 2. Classes are filling up so please contact Kansas City Sailing at (785)-841-7245 if you are interested in enrolling kids in any of the camps. We are also happy to announce that Kansas City Sailing has partnered with Kansas Parks and Wildlife to conduct a Kansas Boater Safety Certification Clinic on Saturday June 6th at Kansas City Sailing in Lawrence starting at 10:00 am. The clinic is free to attend but space is limited. You may access information about the clinic at the following (listed under Region 2) http://kdwpt.state.ks.us/Boating/Boating-Education/Certification-Options. Please contact Kansas City Sailing at (785)-841-7245 to register. As a reminder completion of the Boaters Safety Certification is a requirement for youth under the age of 21 operating a sailing vessel, boat, or marine watercraft. You may also take the certification online at http://www.boaterexam.com/usa/kansas/. Lastly, the Board of Governors is excited to announce that the position of Sail Education Director has been filled. Ricardo Oben has stepped up to fill this position. His passion for sailing, racing and past and current support of Commodore’s Cup will continue to help expand and grow youth sailing at PYC.

As a volunteer-led organization we are fortunate to have a dedicated and talented group of members and volunteers that support PYC. We currently have a few opportunities for anyone interested in providing their support. First, we are in need to party hosts for the July parties. At this time we have no July parties scheduled as no hosts have expressed interest. Please contact Donna Massey (damemassey@gmail.com), PYC Social Chair, if you are interested in hosting a party. The club pays for the party expenses but we need volunteers to host and coordinate the events. Second, Commodore’s Cup is quickly approaching. Ricardo Oben has been actively planning and preparing for another great event. We are still in need of a sponsorship chair to coordinate sponsor and donation solicitation activities. The success of this event directly helps grow our youth sailing program. Please contact Ricardo (richard@northracecars.com) if you are interesting is supporting this effort.

Last but not least, I am sure many have noticed a new employee around the club. Rich Rockel was selected to fill our open caretaker position and began working for the club in April. Rich joined PYC as a member last year and is an avid sailor. We had the opportunity to introduce Rich at the recent Cinco de Mayo party but wanted to ensure all members were aware of his addition to the PYC team. He is working closely with Gary and Bob, and between the three, it appears that great things will continue to happen around PYC. Rich has quickly become a member of the PYC family and we look forward to his continued involvement and passion that he brings to his new role. Please join us in extending a strong PYC welcome to Rich.

In closing, we have water in the lake (more each day), the temperatures are warming, and the sun is shining and it is time to enjoy sailing once again in Kansas. PYC has a great amount to offer and I look forward to the season ahead.

Rich Wells
PYC Commodore
s/v Serendipity II