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Your 2015 PYC board

• Commodore: Rich Wells
• Vice Commodore: Chris Ross
• Rear Commodore: Sean Kalic
• Past Commodore: Ed Hockenberg
• Secretary: Penny Morgan
• Treasurer: Terri Tilford
• Dock Master: Lee Cline
• Sail Education: Ricardo Oben
• Buildings and Grounds: Tom Flynn
• Communications Director: Bruce Liese
• Harbor Master: Jeff Miller
• Assistant Treasurer: Marianne and Tom Noll
• Social Directors: Donna Massey
• Yearbook Editor: Bill Buckheit


John L. Gall (1936-2013)

John L. Gall (1936-2013)



Commodore's CornerRich Wells, PYC Commodore

By Rich Wells, s/v Serendipity II

The weather is warming up and spring has officially started. This means we are in full swing, getting our boats ready for the upcoming sailing season. It also means that club opening is right around the corner.

Please mark your calendar for the official PYC opening work day scheduled for Saturday, April 11th. We will begin at 9:00 am at the clubhouse and conclude at 1:00 pm with lunch. Work day offers a great opportunity to reunite with PYC friends and get the club ready for the upcoming season’s activities. If you have not already done so, please RSVP by clicking <a href="http://perryyachtclub.com/news/?p=4257" target="_blank">here</a>. This will allow our Social Chair to ensure she has an accurate count for lunch as well as allow the Board to prepare for the various work activities.

For those preparing to begin work on, or cleaning your boat, the water to the lower lot, back storage lot, and docks is scheduled to be turned on no later than April 3rd.

It was a pleasure to see all who attended the winter membership meeting held on March 7. The Board has been busy over the winter and will continue to be as we progress into the upcoming months. For those who were unable to attend here is a brief summary of the key topics presented (as the year progresses we will be communicating further on many of these items as well):

  • Caretaker(s) Position: We are finalizing the process to fill the open caretaker(s) position. Since the membership meeting, we conducted interviews of three finalist applicants on March 21st and plan to present a final recommendation to the Board on April 9th for approval.
  • Kansas Boater Safety class update: As many are aware a new law that requires completion of the Kansas Boater Safety class had an adverse impact on our youth sailing program last year. The PYC Board along with Jeff Messick (member at Perry Yacht and Marina and long-time sailing enthusiast) provided testimony in support of Senate Bill 190 that would repeal the requirement to complete the class in advance of an instructor lead sail education course. The senate bill came about following direct coordination between Bill Rubin (parent of youth sailing camp participant) and Senator Tom Holland who worked to draft an amendment to the prior law. The amendment passed the Senate Transportation Committee and has since been referred to the House for review and approval. PYC presented written testimony to the House Transportation Committee for a hearing on March 17th. At this time we are awaiting the outcome of activities in the House to know whether the law will be amended.
  • Junior Sail Education: Kansas City Sailing will once again be managing the junior sailing camps scheduled for this upcoming season. Each camp will consist of three days of professional instruction for youth sailors age 8-16. The camps will be $250 per child for PYC members and $300 for non-members. Classes will be scheduled on the following dates: June 12-14, July 10-12, and July 31-August 2. Spaces are already filling up so please contact Kansas City Sailing to reserve your spot if you are interested.
  • Vice Commodore (Chris Ross): Activities continue to finalize plans for the entry gate at PYC. The gate will be located at the current road entrance to PYC. At this time we have finalized the plans for the gate and selected a contractor. We are currently waiting for final Corps of Engineers approval and hope to commence work shortly after club opening. The target completion date for the new gate is tentatively planned for June pending the outcome of Corps approval.
  • Rear Commodore (Ricardo Oben presenting for Sean Kalic): Preparations for the 2015 racing season are finalized and the race schedule has been published. Ricardo provided a recap of the success of the 2014 Commodore’s Cup - net $10,000 raised for youth sailing. In hopes of continuing this success in 2015, Ricardo has once again agreed to serve as the Chair for this year’s Commodore’s Cup and he has actively been working on preparations and planning over the winter. Ted Lischer also presented on plans to further expand junior racing with the overall race program and in coordination with youth sail education. Ted is developing plans to promote PYC as a venue for regional youth racing activities and continue to grow interest in PYC and our various youth and racing programs. As efforts continue Ted, Sean, and the Board will keep members updated.
  • Treasurer (Terri Tilford): The 2014 year-end financials and the 2015 budget were presented and approved.
  • Harbor Master (Jeff Miller): Plans are currently underway for the removal and eventual replacement of Sunset dock. In our management plan to the Corps last year we committed to removal of the current dock due to safety and environmental concerns cited by the Corps in the 2014 inspection. Jeff and the Board have developed a plan for removal of the current dock in 2015 and a replacement to be planned hopefully as early as 2016. The new dock system will be intended to serve the needs of the club work and committee boats as well as support the needs of the youth sailing boats. The future dock will be constructed in a manner that will provide easier expansion as future needs dictate.
  • Year Book: Bill Buckheit was unable to attend, but he is actively working on preparation of the new yearbook. If you have a picture you would like him to use please e-mail it to him at kcbillb@gmail.com no later than April 15th.
  • Social Chair (Donna Massey): Donna presented the upcoming calendar of parties and events, which is also available on the PYC calendar located on the PYC website. If you are interested in hosting a party please contact Donna directly to coordinate.
  • Dock Master (Lee Cline) and Asst. Treasurer (Marrianne/Tom Noll): Slip assignments are currently underway. If you have not year paid your 2015 dues, please do so ASAP to ensure your continued slip assignment. We are continuing to receive inquiries from new members and have added multiple new or returning members so far this spring.

As you can see from the above, there have been a lot of activities and planning occurring over the winter months. I would like to thank the Board for all of their ongoing hard work and commitment to support a successful sailing season at PYC in 2015. I look forward to seeing you at the club opening work day and during the upcoming season.

Rich Wells
PYC Commodore
s/v Serendipity II