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• Commodore: Ed Hockenberg
• Vice Commodore: Rich Wells
• Rear Commodore: Sean Kalic
• Secretary: Penny Morgan
• Treasurer: Terri Tilford
• Dock Master: Lee Cline
• Sail Education: Open
• Buildings and Grounds: Chris Ross & Tom Flynn
• Communications Director: Bruce Liese
• Harbor Master: Ricardo Oben
• Assistant Treasurer: Doug McCall
• Social Directors: Becky Stone and Steve Turner
• Yearbook Editor: Bill Buckheit
• Past Commodore: Mij Frierson


John L. Gall (1936-2013)

John L. Gall (1936-2013)



Commodore's CornerEd Hockenberg, PYC Commodore

By Ed Hockenberg, s/v Priorities

Two weeks from now our club will be bustling with activity as we celebrate the 33rd Commodore’s Cup regatta. Many of your dedicated colleagues have answered the call for “all hands on deck” as we prepare for PYC’s signature event. Special recognition is owed to the following members for donating their time and energy this week in clearing and graveling the entire dry sail storage area: Bob Wilson, Nathan Anderson, Bill Buckheit, Tom Flynn, Ricardo Oben, Gina Paste and Mij Frierson. Please take a moment to thank these individuals for their hard work which included trimming trees, mowing, weeding, spreading gravel and organizing the boats. You’ll be amazed when you see the improvements to our grounds on the north side of the property. The effort to organize the lot and relocate derelict boats to the back storage lot has freed up additional vehicle parking for our guests and visitors along the north edge of the clubhouse. Well done!

The new breakwater system has been delivered and is in process of being assembled for deployment next week. In the meantime, the old breakwater sections have been completely removed from the harbor and are in process of being disassembled. Many of the same individuals mentioned above have spent countless hours removing the salvageable, encapsulated flotation units from the old breakwater dock sections to be utilized later. Your Board of Governors is now developing a plan for removal and replacement of the western-most Sunset boat dock within the next 12 months.

All efforts are now focused on Commodore’s Cup. Please register on-line today for shirts, regatta racing and/or your weekend meal pass. The meal pass this year is “all in” meaning one ticket affords each person a meal on Friday night, Saturday morning, Saturday evening and Sunday morning. Folks are on their own for lunch on Saturday and Sunday. The kitchen will be closed to members and guests during the Commodore’s Cup weekend to allow for our volunteers to prepare the meals so please plan accordingly.

We need donated items for the silent auction. Let me repeat, WE NEED DONATED ITEMS FOR THE SILENT AUCTION! Proceeds from the auction support the youth sailing program and this year the goal is to raise at least $2,000 towards the purchase of a used Hobie Wave. The single Hobie Wave we own today has been hugely popular with kids and is a blast to sail. Lisa and I have once again donated two tickets for a KU basketball game this upcoming season; please use your creativity and generosity to make this year’s auction a success. Please contact Patti Pate to arrange for a donation. Patti can be reached at Patti.Pate@3ds.com.

Stay tuned for more information regarding the Member of the Year nominations as Shirley Cline will once again gather and tabulate the votes with the announcement of the winner at the year-end party on Saturday, November 1st. A ballot box will be located in the clubhouse. More information will be forthcoming next month regarding the end-of-year party venue and details so mark your calendars now.

Congratulations to our new members and brother-sister duo Waylon & Sal Scott for their fantastic showing at the USA Junior Sailing Olympics Festival held at Lake St. Louis on July 18-20th. Sal (14 years old) took home first place in Sunfish and first place overall while also capturing the “Best Sportsmanship” award. Her brother Waylon (11) took home first in Sunfish class and second overall. We are very proud of our junior sailors and love to see the junior sailing boats put to great use.

I look forward with great anticipation to seeing everyone at PYC in two weeks for Commodore’s Cup.

Ed Hockenberg
PYC Commodore
s/v Priorities