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Your 2014 PYC board

• Commodore: Ed Hockenberg
• Vice Commodore: Rich Wells
• Rear Commodore: Sean Kalic
• Secretary: Penny Morgan
• Treasurer: Terri Tilford
• Dock Master: Lee Cline
• Sail Education: Help Wanted - Inquire Within!
• Buildings and Grounds: Chris Ross & Tom Flynn
• Communications Director: Bruce Liese
• Harbor Master: Adam Switzer
• Assistant Treasurer: Doug McCall
• Social Director: Kelly Switzer
• Yearbook Editor: Bill Buckheit
• Past Commodore: Mij Frierson


John L. Gall (1936-2013)

John L. Gall (1936-2013)



Commodore's CornerEd Hockenberg, PYC Commodore

By Ed Hockenberg, s/v Priorities

Greetings all!

On behalf of your Board of Governors I extend my sincere thanks to the almost 90 members that joined us for the annual Winter Membership Meeting held on Saturday, March 8th. Your presence at the meeting and active engagement during the presentation validates the work we do while providing guidance and direction.

We covered several important topics as the meeting which I will summarize below:

  1. Kyle Ruona with the Corps of Engineers shared details of our lease arrangement and contrasted it with the other two commercial marinas located on Lake Perry. Our lease obligation is static at $9,600 annually whereas the other two marinas pay rent according to a sliding scale determined by their annual revenues. Kyle reiterated the many challenges that have been presented concerning the mining of rock and construction of a permanent rock breakwater extending from the northern shoreline. The Corps will not allow for the mining of rock as was done many decades ago and which provided for our existing rock breakwater. The Corps is also reluctant to provide access through the property on the north side of the harbor which is presently leased to the Topeka Seaman school district. As has been discussed many times before, the cost to haul rock and construct a new permanent breakwater would easily approach or surpass $500K before considering potential damage to access roads, either at PYC or the school district’s property. On a separate but positive note, the Corps fully-supports our desire to place sand on the beach area and advised us to include that request in the management plan which we submit annually to the Corps.

  2. Harbor Master Adam Switzer showcased one potential floating break water system serving primarily as a wave attenuator that would likely need to be removed and stored during the winter months to prevent damage caused by ice floes. This system is significantly less expensive and well under $200K. We continue to research potential solutions while eliminating cost-prohibitive options including the aforementioned rock break water or sheet pilings. It is the Board’s stated goal to make a recommendation by year’s end for a new system that will either replace or compliment the current floating dock arrangement. A combination of capital reserves and long-term bank financing will be necessary to procure the new system.

  3. Membership fees were due in full on March 1. The lack of response or delay in payment places an unnecessary burden on the dock master whose job it is to assign slips. If you do not intend to renew your membership a message to that effect to either myself or dock master Lee Cline is very much appreciated so we may assign slips accordingly.

  4. The 2013 financial statements were reviewed and discussed; the Club was able to replenish our reserves despite the drought-induced revenue decline by tightening our belts across all categories. The 2014 budget anticipates a 37% increase in overall revenues and projects a reasonable net profit which, if fully-realized, allows us to address several smaller capital budget items which are above-and-beyond routine maintenance including a new security gate, water valve pit replacement and workboat repairs. Improving the Club’s security features was the top priority identified in the year-end survey.

  5. The racing schedule has been set and participants are encouraged to sign up for committee boat duty. Our new Rear Commodore, <a href="mailto:kalic@embarqmail.com" target="_blank">Sean Kalic</a>, is actively seeking volunteers to fill a new PHRF committee. PHRF is the system used to assign handicap scores to sailboats when there are multiple designs on the course. Please inquire about the PHRF committee by sending an <a href="mailto:kalic@embarqmail.com" target="_blank">e-mail</a> to Sean. Several repairs are planned for the race committee boat to be tackled during club opening with more details to follow.

  6. Bruce Liese shared details of the new Youth Sailing camp to be offered several times this summer and during those weekends wherein no formal parties are planned. This is a very exciting opportunity to engage active young sailors of the Club (both beginner and advanced) while attracting prospective members through a structured, disciplined program utilizing certified ASA instructors and assistance from our dedicated member volunteers. I offer my sincere gratitude to Bruce for his hard work and dedication in developing this wonderful program. I encourage everyone to look around their workplace, neighborhood, school, house of worship and elsewhere to identify prospective students that would benefit from formal sailing instruction. Please refer to the website for more information.

  7. Club opening is quickly approaching on Saturday, April 12th. As always we will have a myriad of tasks to tackle and everyone is encouraged to attend and assist regardless of your skill set!

The water level is 7 feet higher than this time last year and remains above the normal pool. The Corps recently increased the discharge volume and is targeting the 889 foot level in advance of the anticipated spring rains. I hope to see all of you in one month at club opening if not before.

I wish all of you a fantastic Spring!

Ed Hockenberg
PYC Commodore
s/v Priorities