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Keel Boat Throwdown: This is the first of 5 Club Racing days set aside for the Keelboats and sport boats. The racing here is set to be epic! I have heard tales of racing from the club to the other side of the lake for “refreshments”, with the last one buying the drinks and all sorts of other ideas. Rumors are spinnaker setups are being improved, and foredeck unions have negotiated improved working conditions.  These boats are fast, challenging to get the very most out of, and most of our experienced crews at PYC sail these boats very well.  There is plenty of room on the water for more boats and often room on these boats for more crew.


The other Keel Boat Throwdown racing days are:

June 17th

July 29th

August 12th

September 9th

September 30th


Contact Chris Ross for more information about this racing series.

Club Racing for Multihulls and small Boats: This is the first of 4 racing days currently set aside for the Multihulls, Lighting’s, Lasers, Thistles, Sunfish, and your other favorite centerboard boat. We will have a course setup fitting for the fleets in attendance which will primarily be a windward/leeward course, but this is your program and your fleet.  What I am hoping to see is sailors out using these days competing seriously with the understanding we are out there to teach new racers and sailors and prepare our club members to have success at our larger events. I know for the multihull fleet this will be a great day to make sure all of the winter rust is shaken off in preparation for the Yellow Brick Regatta.

The other small boat Club Racing and Multihull days are:


May 13th

June 24th

July 22nd

September 16th

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