11760265 10155810912385317 8718939812237388304 nPerry Lake is the largest sailing lake in the area. Other than a very few well-marked obstacles (beware of Grabber Rocks!) the lake has deep water virtually everywhere South of the bridge in Ozawkie.

The lake is managed by the Army Corps of Engineers who uses the it, along with several others, to control the water level in the Missouri River. Consequently the water level in the lake will vary over the course of the season depending on rainfall and snow- melt up stream. The docks are designed to adjust to these variations.

PYC leases property from the Corps. All modifications to the property, including any new construction has to first be approved by the Corps. Environmental protection is a major concern of the Corps. Do not dispose of oil or fuel on Club property, or anywhere in or near the lake, except in approved disposal facilities. Pumping out sewage or bilges into the lake is strictly prohibited and is a practice deplored by most sailors.

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