Club buildings and grounds

Our clubhouse is available for use by members and their guests. Facilities include a fully equipped kitchen, restrooms and showers, patio area, playground, campfire ring, and barbecue grills.

The hill above the clubhouse provides plenty of space for camping, offering the best view of the lake. Electrical hookups are available at many of the sites on a first-come, first-served basis.

Ice is available in two freezers located on our clubhouse patio and at the top of the stairs leading to the docks. The freezer has a combination lock on it as well as a box for depositing ice tickets. Buy tickets from any board member for $1 each. This is an honor system and we place our trust in each other to maintain this convenience.

Docks and Harbor

12141589 10208008308394112 2822297366172890756 n 2Slip assignments are provided by the dockmaster. Every effort is made to assign members to the slips they want each year. Large boats need the large slips, medium-sized boats need the medium-sized slips, etc. Typically, past year members get their first choice until April 1. After that, preferences are given to those who pay their dues early. Please note: Past members who pay late risk losing their choice of slip.

The PYC docks consist of 159 slips ranging from 10’ × 20’ to 16’ × 34’. There is also deck space on Sunset Dock for club dinghies and courtesy docks adjacent to the boat ramps. There are four main docks, commonly known as Sunset Dock (furthest to the West), Party Dock, Boardwalk, and Rodeo Drive. Party Dock and Boardwalk are much longer than the other two and are divided into three floating sections. The docks are held in place by cables attached to a system of winches that can be seen on the docks themselves and to large concrete anchors out in the harbor. These cables can be adjusted to compensate for fluctuations in the water level of the lake, which can vary dramatically over the course of a season. Please do not attempt to adjust these winches unless you have been trained to do so. Slips have access to electrical service and water. Please do not make any adjustments to the electrical system or water supply without permission and approval from the harbormaster.

The club provides a fleet of dock carts for transporting gear between the parking lots and boats. Please be considerate and return the carts to the parking lots after use so they will be available to others.

For boats with built-in heads, the club owns a do-it-yourself sewage pump-out station.

PYC owns a committee boat, work boat, and a rescue boat. The club also owns a tractor. This equipment is to be used only by those who have been “checked out” by the harbormaster (or other appropriate club officers).

Trailers, if applicable, may be stored up on the hill where all the other ones are. Please contact the dockmaster for direction on where to store your boat for the winter, or for any extended stay out of the water, as with dry sailors.

The grounds are maintained primarily by the membership. Please pick up after yourself, and if you see something that needs to be done, take the initiative.

Each season we have both a club opening and a club closing day (look for dates and details on the social events calendar) during which members volunteer to take care of a number of small jobs. We encourage you to participate in these events. They’re fun and it is a great way to meet folks.


***ALL work done on a slips or docks MUST be PRE-approved by the Harbor Master. There are strict guidelines we must follow to be compliant with the Corp. This INCLUDES dock boxes.***


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