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The Club is officially open and ready for the season! The socks have been burned and replaced with flip flops! So what’s next, well we need to get together J Plan on Saturday, April 29th, late morning that we will meet at the PYC Clubhouse Pavilion.

We will have some social time to meet our new Sisters and get re-acquainted with returning Sisters (notice I didn’t say “old”). After we meet, let’s go check out our fleet. We may need to help get She Worth ready to launch or we might be able to visit her in her slip. Then, if you are up for it, let’s jump on a couple of sailboats for a nice afternoon sail. Pack a light lunch for the sail just in case we don’t want to return to PYC too soon. I will have Sirocco available, so let me know if your sailboat is available and we can coordinate our first Sailing Sisters sail of the season!!!!!!

Here’s the plan – Saturday, April 29th, 11:00 – 3:00ish, Bring snacks or a light lunch to enjoy during our Sisters sail. If you have a life jacket, please bring that as well for the sail.

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Sailing Sisters participating on a couple of boats in the "Cruisers to the Gap and Back" fun sail.  Recruit your crew, come up with a "theme" for you crew and boat, and have fun! I plan on kicking David off Sirocco & filling our boat with ladies :)

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Ahoy Ladies!

Are you ready to get together again with your Sisters? I have so enjoyed getting to know more of you this year as we have gotten together for planned activities, and just mingling at the Club. We will have a little bit of variety in our activity later this month so here’s the details.

Meet at the PYC beach at 10:30 to prepare for our sail on the either the Club Hobies or your very own multi hull. We will launch about 11:00 with plans to return to PYC beach by 1:00 where we will chill out and float from our very own beach.

Even if you are not interested in venturing out on a Hobie you can still participate and have fun. Just come to the beach where we will set up a “PYC Beachside Cafe” that you can bring any beverages or snacks that you would like to share-(NOTE: not a requirement to bring anything to share). Otherwise BYOBS (bring your own beverages and snacks). We will have door prizes that you can enter to win and one grand prize too!

A re-cap:

Saturday, July 29th @ PYC Beach
10:30 – meet and prepare your Hobie for the sail
11:00 – launch from PYC Beach as the wind directs our sails
1:00 – Return to PYC Beach where the “PYC Beachside Cafe” will open to enjoy and refresh from our sailing adventure!

Please let me know:
1) If you will be able to attend or at least participate in the beach party after the sail (please let me know which);
2) If you can help get our Hobies to the beach and back on their trailers please let me know, &
3) If you have a multi hull you would like to sail with some more of your sisters too!

Also, I will watch the weather and if the winds are too adventurous for us, we will just have our beach party. So either way, we will have a fun day!




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sailing sister memrAhoy Ladies!

Are you ready for our next Sailing Sisters activity on Saturday, Aug. 26th? This will be another fun day of sailing and floating too! You can take whatever sailing vessel that you have and join us for a sail then a floatilla. We will meet at the clubhouse at 11:00 so that we can make sure of our float plan, then we will head to our boats and out of the harbor. Right now the plan is to sail almost to the gap, then back to Apple Valley cove where we will anchor to have our floatilla. I know that I have challenges with the anchor retrieval so David will be on our sailboat. That is perfectly fine ladies for this sail if you want to enlist some help in this area-but they must promise to let us sail the way we want to sail J.

So here’s the details for Satu., Aug. 26th:

11:00 – Meet at the PYC Clubhouse with your lifejacket, snacks/lunch & beverages

11:30 – 1:30ish Sailing to the almost Gap and back to Apple Valley cove

1:30ish – 3:00ish – Floatilla time! So bring you favorite float and we will hang out on our boats (I think David has plans to use our power inverter on the boat to make some blended drinks-he is such awesome crew!)

So now you need to let me know if you will be able to participate and if you will be able to take your sailboat out that we can help fill with the ladies who need a boat to sail with. Let’s fill our boats with as many ladies as we can get out on the water-the extended forecast looks great!

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