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Commodore Chris Ross

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Here’s to the Cup!


I hope everyone is enjoying your time and experiences at the club this summer.  We are entering the best time of year to be on the water with cooling temps, steady breezes, warm water…and how about that eclipse!  Check out the calendar there are lots of great events on the horizon.


Commodores Cup

First up is our big event for the year.  We expect a huge crowd at Commodores Cup with many out of towners and U20 teams coming early before U20 Nationals.  The regatta committee has been working hard for months and have planned an event you won’t want to miss.  If you haven’t already please go to the PYC website, register for the regatta, meals and sign up to help out with something.  A little bit of effort from each of us goes a long way and is much appreciated.  Thanks in advance for all you do.  Also, be sure to bring auction items for the live and silent auctions.  Proceeds from sailing trips, art work, sail gear, clothing, wine, dinners, campsites, etc. will support our growing youth sailing programs.  We have many creative and generous folks out there that always bring some neat stuff that makes this a lot of fun.


Our facilities and campground will be full so please be thoughtful in how you park your boats, campers and cars. We will use every slip, parking space and campsite outlet so be prepared to double up on each power pedestal and cozy up with your neighbors.  Park your cars in the gravel parking lots not in the campground and remember access to the club will not be permitted prior to noon on Wednesday, August 30.


Perry Yacht Club is honored to be the host for the first ever Big 12 Sailing Championships.  We have 7 teams traveling to the regatta that should be great fun to participate in and watch at the club. We will also host a High School Championship that will attract lots of visitors to the club.  Bring your family and friends, say hello to our guests, make them welcome and invite them to check out the club.  These families are our future.


We also have lots of club racing left including some on the water social Raft-Ups, Sailing Sister activities and to wrap up the season the Fall Round Perry race, so jump on a boat the Sailor Jerry will be flowing…


Membership Changes / Dues

Everyone should be aware by now that we have changed our bylaws that define our membership structure and categories.  Starting January 1, we will have a base membership that creates equity among all members in what we pay and the facilities we have access to at the club.  This shift focusses on our community of sailors, emphasizes boat ownership and recognizes that Perry Yacht Club is unique and is about more than storing boats.  Above your base membership you will have storage fees that reflect the differences in types, sizes and numbers of boats each of us have.  The bylaws including the new bylaws changes that were approved are posted on the website in “The Club” section for your review.


The Board of Governors is now working on policy changes to match the new membership structure and to reflect some of the rules changes that were discussed and requested in member meetings throughout the year.  Revised policies will be shared with members in email blasts and at member meetings so be sure to attend the Breakfast with the Board events at the club.  We will also be sharing and having discussion about dues changes and long-range budget planning.  At the Fall Membership meeting October 21, we will vote on the new Dues Rates and the Slate of Officers for the Board in 2018.


Nominating Committee

I’ve asked Ed Hockenberg to chair a committee that includes Tony Andreson, Ben Clayton, Donna Massey, Stacey Walter, Rich Wells, Steve Murphy and myself that will identify, recruit and recommend a slate of officers for the 2018 Board of Governors.  This committee met for the first time this week and over the next 8 weeks will be meeting with members, collecting nominations and considering how best to structure the BOG for the future of the club.  The committee wants to hear from you so reach out and share your thoughts.



With changes in our bylaws, policies and membership data base the Board has been unable to publish a Windjammer this year. Given these changes, lateness of the year and being mindful of spending our money wisely the consensus is that we will post updates to club information on the website and will email a PDF of the Member Directory to paid members.  You should see this next week and a newer and better Windjammer will return next year.


Change isn’t easy.  Thank you all for your patience and for participating and sharing your ideas in all the meetings, phone calls, messages throughout this season.  Clearly, we all care a great deal about the club, our friends and experiences at PYC and want to see that continue and grow in the future.  I know we are well on our way.  Have fun, be safe and I'll see you at Perry Yacht Club and on the water!


Upcoming Calendar:

Sailing Sisters Flotilla / Game Show Night / Keel Boat PHRF, Aug 26

Commodores Cup, Sept 1-3

U20 Nationals, Sept 4-6

PYC Executive Board meeting, Sept 7

PYC Board of Governors meeting, Sept 14

Big 12 Championship, Sept 16

Breakfast with the Board, Sept 17

Keel Boat PHRF, Sept 23

Kansas High School Championship, Sept 24

Thursday Night Beer Can Race, Sept 28

Keel Boat PHRF, Sept 30

PYC Executive Board meeting, Oct 5

PYC Board of Governors meeting, Oct 12

Fall Round Perry, Oct 14

Breakfast with the Board, Oct 15

Club Closing / Membership Meeting, Oct 21

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