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Commodore Chris Ross 
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Back from the Costa Rican Rainforest...

Amazing coffee, parrots, monkeys, snakes and bugs as big as your head. Yes the Ross family survived our latest adventure. Nathan photographed the whole thing and we retrieved Kat who was lost for 4 months in the Cloud Forests of Monte Verde, nearly got eaten by a puma and will be teaching young sailors at PYC this weekend.

Speaking of this weekend, sailing season is happen’n...Feel the Rhythm, Feel the Rhyme get on up its sailing time! Reggae, Sail Camp, High School Regatta’s, Keel boat racing and more...

Welcome to all our guests

Each year we pick up new members who discover Perry Yacht Club through Sail Camp, Youth Sailing activities or one of our KC Sailing ASA Classes. This year we have also invited interested sailors from Perry Yacht (The Dam) & Rock Creek Marinas to visit the club and see what they are missing. So if you see someone you don’t know say hello, introduce yourself and welcome them to Perry Yacht Club! (Great news - a few have already decided to stay and are finding slips in the harbor)

New Boats!

Have you noticed the new 420’s! The Kansas Youth Sailing Foundation recently raised $20k and purchased 6 boats from Fordham University in New York. Combined with our existing boats we now have a fleet to support our growing youth and college sailing programs. The Foundation is doing great things with the leadership of PYC members Ted Lischer and Tim Kelley. Thanks also to the other PYC member volunteers who helped with this effort. There were many.

You may also have noticed the blue C&C 26 “Martha Elizabeth” is sailing again. The Miller family donated the boat to PYC and wanted it to be used for sail education and to promote the growth of sailing. I’ve appointed a committee that has been working hard to get it ready and to create a program for its safe use and maintenance. This year our existing PYC programs like Sailing Sisters & Sea Scouts will start the program and are working with the BOG to build a Sail Share program that will attract new members to PYC in the future. When you see Martha at the club thank her. We know Jeff would be proud.

Party Dock Thank You / Spirit of PYC

Speaking of thanks there are some big thank you’s that need to go out to all the members that jumped in to help repair Party Dock. For those of you that weren’t around Saturday morning May 27th, we had a bit of a blow. Some big winds broke loose the North end of Party dock and all the boats slipped there and swung them into the end of Boardwalk. True to form and in the Spirit of PYC the dock was returned and repaired minimizing damage to both the docks and boats. If anyone is a gel coat specialist you might talk to Bob Thackery and Wendell Bronson who have a few minor dings.

Sailing traditions like no other...

I started sailing on Perry Lake in the 80’s when I was a teenager at Boy Scout Camp Jayhawk across the Long Arm near Apple Valley and we have PYC sailors that were plying these muddy waters well before I. Some of those Blue Finners gather together in a tribal ritual each year called Boys Week. Don’t be alarmed. They’re mostly harmless, sip boat drinks and hang out on Hobie Cats at the beach dreaming of days of glory ripping it up like Oracle in Bermuda!

Breakfast with the Board

Don’t miss our once a month coffee talk and nosh with your Board of Governors. This is your time to share thoughts and ask questions about the future of your Perry Yacht Club. Your friends, neighbors and fellow yacht clubbers are busy with all kinds of things to continue to make PYC a special place for sailors and unique from all those “boat parking lots” so join in on the fun.

Safety & Curtesy

Other than minor repairs and general maintenance all work at the docks must be approved by our Property Manager, Gary Templeton. Gary sent us all a reminder note recently about some of those items like dock corners, boxes, etc. It should be obvious but painting, spray painting and similar activities are not allowed by PYC or the Corps of Engineers over the water. Please respect club property and your neighbors around you. If in doubt ask a Board Member.

Curtesy in the Campground - as the club grows we are experiencing a bloom of campers in the campground. The demography is not what some might expect. We have equal numbers of Slip & Dry Sailors that choose to camp and only a couple of new members that don’t yet have boats. We are working on that. Regardless be thoughtful when choosing a spot and allow space for others to pull in and fill the gaps. Also please try to park on the gravel pads and if you have multiple cars at the club please park those in one of the lower gravel parking lots.

Fire Rings – have been sprouting up around the club. They pose a safety hazard, a maintenance problem and are not allowed other than one of the 5 approved PYC Fire Rings. All others will be removed by the Property Management Team.

  1. Clubhouse

  2. Leona’s Landing BBQ Pit

  3. North Harbor Road

  4. Care Taker’s House (metal fire pit enclosure)

  5. North end of Sand Beach

Swim at your own Risk – you will notice some new signs popping up around the club. You should be aware that swimming in any boat harbor and around boat docks is always a risk with trip hazards, sharp objects, submerged structures, moving boats, boat motors and electrical systems. The safest area to swim at the club is off the sand beach. Educate yourself about the potential hazards anywhere you swim.

Have fun, be safe and I'll see you at Perry Yacht Club and on the water!

June Calendar:

PYC Executive Board meeting, June 1 Youth Sail Camp 1, June 9-11
Keel Boat PHRF, June 10
High School Summer Regatta, June 10 Reggae Party, June 10

Breakfast with the Board, June 11
Boys Week, June 15-25
PYC Board of Governor’s meeting, June 15
Sailing Sister / Gap & Back, June 17
Father’s Day, June 18
Beer Can Races, June 22 / 6:30pm skippers
Keel Boat PHRF, June 24
Louis Vuitton Semi Final Challenger Playoffs, June 4-9 Louis Vuitton Final Challenger Playoffs, June 10-12 America’s Cup Match, June 17-27



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