Ahoy Ladies of PYC a/k/a Sailing Sisters! I see that there is a storm brewing for this Saturday, winds gusting up to 30 mph & 100% chance of rain. With temperatures only hitting 49, rain and gusty winds, it doesn't sound like a pleasant day to meet at the club house. I know you can't sail the forecast, but it doesn't look encouraging, so we are cancelling for this Saturday.

So, with that said, how about the next weekend - May 6th? The forecast is "Mostly sunny, 75 and winds SSE 15-25 mph - perfect! Same time and place, 11:00 at the clubhouse. Then stay for our "Seis de Mayo PYC" later that day. It will be a fun day ending with the "First Official Party of 2017!". So, if you haven't RSVP'd for the party, please go to the website: http://perryyachtclub.com/index.php/the-club/calendar-of-events/social-event/new-member-potluck

Won't see you this Saturday, but we will hopefully see you next Saturday, 5/6th :)


Hello Ladies!

With the warm weather that we have been teased with the past few days, it reminds me that we are getting very close to club opening and another great sailing season!!! Several of you weren't able to make the Feb. 11th meeting to plan activities, and, work on some sailing knowledge. I've attached an article on Identifying the Points of Sail, and a Points of Sail diagram. Hope that helps!

Another fun tool is ASA's app, Sailing Challenge. I have this and it is fun and interesting to test my knowledge and skills. Now, just a few more weeks and I put into practice what I have been "playing". You might want to check this out to see if you think it would be a fun and helpful tool for you as well :)

So what's our next event? We have the Winter Meeting on Saturday, March 4th where we can recruit more ladies to get involved with Sailing Sisters. After that, here's the tentative plan. Tentative, because you never know what the weather (or wind) will be :)

April 29th - Gathering at the Club House (time still to be announced), to get ready for the season, & even, if you like, get checked out on one of the PYC Club boats, like "She Worthy".

June 17th - Sailing Sisters participating on a couple of boats in the "Cruisers to the Gap and Back" fun sail. Recruit your crew, come up with a "theme" for you crew and boat, and have fun! I plan on kicking David off Sirocco & filling our boat with ladies :)

July 29th - Sailing Sisters Hobie Beach Sail at noon. We will launch from the PYC beach in our PYC club Hobies and any other multi hull that we can commandeer.

Aug. 26th - Sailing Sisters Sail/floatilla/swim on any vessel of choice (multi hull or mono hull)

More details to come on each of the scheduled dates and any other ideas that you may have to get more ladies out there sailing with us.

Thank you & see you on the 4th!

Donna Massey

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