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The warm breezes of spring will be here soon but first it’s the season of Saint Valentines and so I want to thank Mrs. Commodore for her support and letting me engage in another volunteer activity as Commodore of your Perry Yacht Club.  Now 3 months in it’s been a fun exciting learning experience and has been great working with our new Board of Governors.  Much is happening so let me give you the highlights:

Membership Renewal Applications are out and due back with payment by March 1 for the coming sailing season.  I apologize for our outdated record and payment system.  We are in the process of updating all of this and going digital for the first time in our 46 year history, but that will not occur until next year.  Until then it’s snail mail so please fill out the forms completely, initial and sign ALLinformation on the forms even if you’ve been doing it since that first year at PYC back in 1971.  Our written records are incomplete.  Perry Yacht Club will accept no written modifications to the Membership Application so fill it out correctly the first time or we will be contacting you.  Thank you for your patience.

Note: there are no dues increases this year, so same as in the past and best value on the lake…..yippee!

There have been a few questions about Insurance Requirements so let me share a little background and remind you why our policy is what it is.  Perry Yacht Club implemented the following requirements several years ago to protect the club and all its members.  That’s you!

  • ·PYC requires all members with boats at PYC to maintain liability insurance of $100,000 minimum.
  • ·Insurance and Indemnification requirements are standard practice with most yacht club memberships as they are at PYC.
  • ·We require that Perry Yacht Club be named as an Additional Insured on your insurance policy.
  • ·This extends liability protection under your policy to PYC and its members related to any actions you take.
  • ·copy of your insurance policy must be included with your annual membership application.

Steps to get PYC added as an additional insured are very easy.  It takes only a few minutes.

  • ·Call your insurance company and request Perry Yacht Club be added as an additional insured to your boat liability policy.
  • ·Provide the clubs mailing address (this accommodates PYC being copied on all insurance renewals, cancelations, or change of coverage)
  • ·There is no cost for making this change and requires nothing additional by the member.

Mark your calendars the Spring Membership Meeting is around the corner, Saturday March 4th at Shawnee Civic Centre, 13817 Johnson Drive, Shawnee, KS 66216.  We will roll out all the activities for the year, approve the annual budget, share lunch, reconnect with friends and talk a little bit about how PYC is growing. There will always be pop up events so stay connected especially when the weather starts getting better.  We might hold an April social event at the lake.  Club Opening will be Saturday April 8th the week before Easter so start preparing we’ll have a big crowd this year.

Our Membership Committee including Bill Rubin, Penny Morgan, Steve Farrell, Bill Buckheit and Chair Steve Murphy have been working hard to bring new members into the club and we anticipate some new faces and boats in the harbor from working the Boat Show, Classifieds, and meet up groups.  Remember visitors are always welcome at Perry Yacht Club.  If anyone is interested in the club or sailing please invite them out or have them contact Steve Murphy, myself or our property managers who would be happy to meet them at the lake and tour the club.  Lots of people are shopping now and calling us to visits so say hello and welcome them to PYC!

Gary Templeton and I met with the Corps of Engineers recently to discuss renewal of the Perry Yacht Club 15 year lease.  For those of you who don’t know COE has new management at Lake Perry.  RJ Harms, is the Operations Project Manager and the new head guy.  Jason Hurley will continue to be the Park Manager and is often the uniformed officer in the COE truck we see from time to time at PYC.  These guys are super helpful and are great friends and supporters of PYC.  Our lease is in great shape and they want to better understand our current and future needs. While there they shared with us the attached information about the current Water Management Plan at the lake. 

Our programs are also coming together.  Judy Wilson, Bill Mendel, Paul Barnett, Ted Lischer and Steve Murphy have had many gatherings to discuss social, racing, sail education, youth and membership events for the upcoming year.  There will be activities and opportunities to get involved nearly every weekend this season so let us know what you’re interested in.  You know where to find us on the Perry Yacht Club website and Facebook page.

That’s the news from Lake Perry.….._/)_/)…_/)

Christopher D. Ross


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