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Commodore Chris Ross
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Hello Perry Yacht Club! I am proud to be your new Commodore and am excited to work with you to continue the traditions that make PYC the best place for sailing in the Midwest. Even though the seasons are changing there is a lot happening with PYC. Your Board of Governor’s has been busy wrapping up last year and planning some amazing new things for the 2017 season.

Your BOG wants to hear from you – feel free to contact myself or any one of the Board Members to share your ideas, concerns and recommendations. We want your Perry Yacht Club experience to continue to be special and to grow the club so that PYC can be a place for sailors for many years to come. You will soon receive invitations from the BOG to social gatherings in Topeka, Lawrence and Kansas City over the month of January. Choose one, bring a friend, share some food and beverage and your ideas about sailing and Perry Yacht Club. If you have any questions Vice Commodore, Steve Murphy and Past Commodore, Sean Kalic will be organizing those activities. We’ll be following that with a Member Survey in February asking you questions about sailing and social activities, membership, dues and budget priorities. We’ll take all your thoughts and recommendations and present them at the Winter Membership Meeting Saturday March 4th. I hope you’ll participate and join us.

Long Range Planning – I will be working with our Membership Chair, Steve Murphy our Harbor Master, Richard Oben our Building & Grounds Director, Tom Flynn and Treasurer, Rich Wells and others to take the information we received from the membership meetings and surveys then make recommendations to the BOG for changes in membership structure, dues and the creation of a 5 year capital improvement budget. Any changes to the bylaws and budget will be brought to the membership for a vote.

Membership Renewal Packets – will be going out in January so expect some mail from your new Assistant Treasurer, Bill Rubin and get your slip requests in early to Dock Master, Steve Farrell. Our goal is to start filling up those vacant slips. We are also kicking around the idea of digital online renewals after this year to improve the process and allow us to better record and track member information. More to come on that later. Also don’t be surprised if our Yearbook Editor, Bill Buckheit snaps your picture. He is going to have a picture for every member in the Windjammer. So if you haven’t sent him your favorite family picture there are no excuses for what he publishes. I believe we have a few new members out there, Welcome! If you haven’t already please touch base with Secretary, Penny Morgan who will be sending out your new member packets.

PYC News – last year PYC created a new website, updated our Facebook page and implemented a system to send out email blasts to members. Thank you to Communications Director, Stacey Walter you are doing a great job keeping us all informed. We know there are always a few bugs. If you are not receiving information or if you have any recommendations to improve the website, mobile page or what we are doing please let us know.

2017 Activities & Growth - Through our partnerships in the sailing community we are seeing lots of interest from new sailors even in the off season. Some of these are folks who have been sailing in other areas, have recently visited PYC and are amazed at the wonderful facilities we have. They also express appreciation for the support we give to our sailing programs from youth sail camps, high school sailing and sea scouts to adult sail education and ASA courses including activities for the entire family. If you have any questions about youth or adult sailing programs contact our Sail Education Director, Paul Barnett. Starting in 2017 PYC will be home to the 2016 Sunflower Champion, KU Sailing Team and the newly formed KState Sailing Team so there may be a couple new burgees on the flag pole this next year.

Our Rear Commodore, Bill Mendel will be holding meetings planning for the racing series next year which will include PHRF, Centerboard, Multihull, JAM, Youth and events like the Fire Cracker Regatta, Commodore’s Cup and U20 Nationals. Our social calendar will also be full. Social Chair, Judy Wilson is busy working on events both on and off the water and some of those may be lake-wide events, inviting our sailing friends from Rock Creek & Lake Perry Yacht Marina.

The Kansas City Boat Show will be January 19th – 22nd and we are looking for volunteers that want a free pass to the show in exchange for a few hours worked at the booth talking to people about sailing. Let us know if you are interested.

Winter Conditions - now that cold weather is setting in and the temperatures are dropping there are a few housekeeping items you need to take care of. The clubhouse, pump out stations and docks have all been winterized and your boats should be as well. If you are leaving your boat in the water be sure your deicer has a thermostat and it is set properly. This is important because our highest electric bills are in the Winter and we don’t want bubblers running on those warm winter days. If you have any questions talk to one of our Property Managers. Also the clubhouse kitchen and restroom facilities are now winterized and locked, you’ll find a porta potty down by Leona’s Landing. We will be doing our annual inventory January 1st to report to the State of Kansas. This is a huge effort and a chunk of your dues are spent each year chasing down property owners for all the stuff that’s left on site, so please help us out and be sure your trailers and property have your names marked on them. When in doubt contact our awesome Property Management Team, Gary Templeton, Bob Sharkey and Rich Rockel. They will be happy to help you out.

That’s the news from Lake Perry. I look forward to catching up again soon with all of you and encourage you again to participate in the discussions that will shape the character of your yacht club in the future. That includes all the snow birds hanging out in the tropics.

Happy holidays, Fair Winds and Following Seas…..

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