It's that time of year...time to vote for PYC John Gall Member of the Year!

Here are the rules:
You must be a paid 2016 PYC member.
You may cast up to 2 votes per family.
You must provide your family's last name when you vote (only the PYC Communications Chair will count votes; no one else will know how you voted - guaranteed).
You must cast your vote by Saturday, October 22.

Patty Hayden (Anderson) – Patty is always willing to help out at any given time at all the events/parties of PYC. Her work on the Commodore’s Cup this year was tireless, she is always willing to volunteer at any event and eager to do so.

Lisa Hockenberg – Lisa has always been the first person to greet visitors and new members when they arrive on PYC property. She helps with preparation for parties and helps clean up by offering to take used plates to the trash. Lisa, has, year after year, been a more than willing helper at all PYC events.

Donna Massey – All the work in the past two years on planning the events to bring members together.

Stacey Walter – Stacey was nominated for her dedication to the office of Director of Communications this year, as well as her instrumental role in a very successful Commodore Cup in the mix of upgrading the PYC website. Thanks to some very appreciated organizational skills, the Commodore’s Cup to do items were checked off and volunteer lists were filled in record time. She has a full life outside the club, but still finds time for us by helping with numerous events at PYC.

Other nominees that have been voted Member of the Year in the past, making them disqualified from the voting this year:

Jeff Miller - Jeff was always out working at the club and asking what he he could do. He led the project to add anchors to the breakwater to pull it out of the channel. He worked tirelessly to adapt the harbor to high water last spring. When he couldn’t find anything else to do he would replace bad dock boards. He always had good ideas, a positive spirit, and a sense of humor. I thoroughly enjoyed working with him.

Terri Tilford - Terri has served as a board member for many years, volunteering many hours to meetings and planning. She is always willing to help and takes on a lot of responsibility at the club. She led the team in coordinating and planning a successful Commodore's Cup this year.

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