Next week kicks off our racing season with the tune up races. This is a one-day event. A day for you to practice, try something new and get together before and after racing to chat. The following week starts our Series Races.

Skipper Meeting is at 9:45 and Races Start at 11:30. We need racers to sign up for committee boat duty. Everyone that participates in the Series races is required to do at least one Committee Boat duty but we really need you to consider signing up for multiple dates. This is a good way to enjoy the day on the water and give back to the program.

If you have not done Committee Boat before, we will walk you through it. Please check the calendar posted on the Website and let me know what dates you can volunteer for (Bill at 816-365-2279 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). To Register for the Series Races and to have a handicap rating assigned please complete the Perry Yacht Club Handicap Application and Perry Yacht Club Race Application. These forms are located in the "Race Documents" menu on the Racing page. Look forward to seeing you at the club soon.

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