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2017 u2 nationals

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A special thank you to those who sponsored our 2016 Commodore's Cup.

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If you haven't already, be sure to download, fill out and send in your 2017 PYC Membership Application. 

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There are tons of fun events planned for 2017. Check out everything on our calendar and maybe host a party or two. 


Hello Ladies!

With the warm weather that we have been teased with the past few days, it reminds me that we are getting very close to club opening and another great sailing season!!! Several of you weren't able to make the Feb. 11th meeting to plan activities, and, work on some sailing knowledge. I've attached an article on Identifying the Points of Sail, and a Points of Sail diagram. Hope that helps!

Another fun tool is ASA's app, Sailing Challenge. I have this and it is fun and interesting to test my knowledge and skills. Now, just a few more weeks and I put into practice what I have been "playing". You might want to check this out to see if you think it would be a fun and helpful tool for you as well :)

So what's our next event? We have the Winter Meeting on Saturday, March 4th where we can recruit more ladies to get involved with Sailing Sisters. After that, here's the tentative plan. Tentative, because you never know what the weather (or wind) will be :)

April 29th - Gathering at the Club House (time still to be announced), to get ready for the season, & even, if you like, get checked out on one of the PYC Club boats, like "She Worthy".

June 17th - Sailing Sisters participating on a couple of boats in the "Cruisers to the Gap and Back" fun sail. Recruit your crew, come up with a "theme" for you crew and boat, and have fun! I plan on kicking David off Sirocco & filling our boat with ladies :)

July 29th - Sailing Sisters Hobie Beach Sail at noon. We will launch from the PYC beach in our PYC club Hobies and any other multi hull that we can commandeer.

Aug. 26th - Sailing Sisters Sail/floatilla/swim on any vessel of choice (multi hull or mono hull)

More details to come on each of the scheduled dates and any other ideas that you may have to get more ladies out there sailing with us.

Thank you & see you on the 4th!

Donna Massey

Commodore Chris Ross
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
+1 913 220 6634  

Welcome Back to Perry Yacht Club! It’s time to dust off the gear and get back out to the lake with your sailing friends. Be sure to update your calendars with all the parties and events of the year. You know where to find them Please also get in the habit of logging in your RSVP for those events so we can prepare for all the attendees. It has been about a year since we launched the new website and we want it to be user friendly so if you are having difficulties finding information or if you have recommendations for improvements please share them.

Contact Stacey Walter, Director of Communications This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Perry Yacht Club & Kansas City Sailing teach kids to sail in one weekend so sign up your kids, grandkids, friends kids, neighbors and pets.

Sail Camp will be held 3 times this year June 9-11, July 7-9 and August 4-6. For all the rest we have Beach Cats, Sea Scouts, High School sailing, Collegiate sailing, Sailing Sisters and numerous Adult sailing programs. You can find it all at PYC so invite all those new and want to be sailors to check us out!

Contact Paul Barnett, Director of Sail Education This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Opening Day is Saturday April 8th. Kick off of the season will be continental breakfast at the Clubhouse early and a 9am start to the work day that will include everything from opening up the clubhouse to planting flowers and dock repairs. We are all Owners and Members of Perry Yacht Club so join in on the fun and save the afternoon for your personal boat activities. We will break around 1pm to share lunch and the fellowship of friends and family. Gary Templeton is working hard to organize the activities of the day. If you are aware of anything that needs repaired or done at the club please let us know ahead of time so that we can have the materials, tools and appropriate work crews assigned.

Contact Gary Templeton, Property Manager This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Membership Dues & Registration were to be received by March 1. Thank you to the 100 or so families that have turned in your registrations. Your annual dues are the sole source of income to sustain annual operations at Perry Yacht Club. At the Membership Meeting last Saturday we approved a $250,000 budget for this coming year. These graphics show the distribution of those funds.

2016 revenue expense 

New 2017 Perry Yacht Club Membership Cards will be mailed out to all paid members around the first week of April. They will include the new 2017 Gate Code so that you have access to club property and will include the PYC Yacht Club of America User ID & Password so that you have reciprocity at other yacht clubs across the country. As new paid members join PYC additional cards will be mailed out monthly after April.

The old 2016 Gate Code will be deleted and will not open the gate after May 1.



Christopher D. Ross


Perry Yacht Club®

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Why join Perry Yacht Club?

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Of course it goes without saying but the love of sailing is why many join Perry Yacht Club. Whether you're a cruiser, racer or just enjoy getting out on the water, PYC is the place to be. Maybe your sailing skills are not quite there? Don't worry, our members are more than happy to help with any questions you have. Or, sign up for one of our many sailing education courses.

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It's hard to beat the exhilerating feeling of the wind and water in your face as you push your boat and crew to the limit. PYC has many opportunities for the racer.

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Perry Yacht Club is known for social gatherings. There's always an event going on with theme parties like "Boat Crawl" to "Christmas in July" and of course kids are welcome too.

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